Surgery July 30, 2007

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Surgery July 07

Well Monday 7/30/2007 was a first for me. My first surgery and hopefully what will be my last surgery.  During my last vacation in the outer backs north Carolina I went running on the beach, it was not a long run just 2 miles. During the run I felt some pain and turned for home earlier than expected. As I tend to do I ignored the pain for several weeks, but I finally decided to seek expert advice. A few X-rays and a MRI later (no pictures of the MRI L) I was diagnosed. I had a tear ripping into my meniscus.


Monday 7/30/2007 we leave the house after pointing out to Jolie where the passwords and key documents are, I was calm, and Jolie decided to help me document my day… a few pictures.

When we got to the hospital Jolie sat next to me as they took my blood pressure 107 / 65 with a heart rate at 67bpm.  She took 2 pictures of it because she could not believe how calm I was.

I have to admit, the heart rate numbers did go up for a short while when the nurse showed up with the IV needle. The next visitors I had were the doc who signed my knee, and the anesthesiologist that told me about the risks involved with any surgery. The next step was a walk to surgery room 3 where 2 nurses and the anesthesiologist got me positioned on the table. As I was asking questions about some of the equipment, the nurse said “12:37” I looked at the clock on the wall and that was the time. Next thing I notice was something was changing and I managed to ask “did she give me something?” and the nurse answered yes.

1:42pm my eyes open (there was a clock on the wall directly across from me) and the nurse tell me surgery is over and that I will be rolled to the next area in a few minutes.

In the final recovery area Jolie Joined me and the Doc came by to tell us what he had found and did. During the surgery he found the tear in the meniscus as expected, but he also found some un-expected bone damage. I was not in a mind set (pain drugs) where I could play 20 questions and find out what he meant. But I will be finding out at the next visit

The first 48th hours where painful, that is when I was not taking drugs. For some unknown I tried several times to quit the drugs early… bad Idea. But as the Doc said 48hrs after the surgery the pain did come down to a manageable state.

Since I got home I have been fighting the swelling with gravity and ice packs. Next big step came on Wednesday evening (50hrs after surgery) when I was able to do my exercises. I should mention what they are

  • Lay down flat on my back on the floor and flatten my leg for 5 to 10 seconds
  • Keep leg strait and raise it 8 to 12 inches of the ground
  • While laying down flex the knee

I should go back to Monday afternoon at home when I was beginning to feel better I did push my luck. I asked Jolie to please get me some vanilla ice cream with fresh cherries, “and can you please pit and quarter them”. Much to my surprise they served as requested. I wish I had a picture of that. J

  The recovery goes on…

here are some pictures...


My stats prior to surgery

IV line attached

Signed Knee

Pre operation... thay made me wear the hair net.

Post Operation

inside the left knee

inside the left knee

inside the left knee

X-ray left knee seen from the front

X-ray left knee seen from behind

X-ray left knee top