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Jan 31, 2007

 January 2007 is over! It could not have gone worse - Two accidents and one ticket (not related to accidents). That is a personal all time worse.

Yes I am ok… well mostly my back really hurts.

So today started like it has several times since I crashed the TT, really cold, some frost and me gearing up to take my bike to work. What was different was that Jolie asked me to wait a while before I started to let the roads warm up – I did, I waited an hour, imagine that a whole hour – apparently it should have been longer.

I left the house, rode less than a half mile, hit a patch of ice on an incline (down this time and not the same hill as the TT incident), and subsequently the bike (Ali) laid on her side. Literally hit the road, not sure how fast I was going but it was not fast. Ali fell on her left side and threw me off – 45 feet later and a few centerline bumps under my back, we stopped. My life did not flash before me - I was looking at road and the the sky, transition time was fast never had a chance.

The good news is that it is my first bike accident (no one else involved) and one cool story to add to the web page, the bad news is that I barely survived Jolie - the inner B___  really shining, and she still accuses me lacking a rational thought process. I will be renting a car for the remainder of the time the TT is in the shop. :)

Bike has minor damages (engine guards and one fog light aprox. $300 + $125 tow), but the engine guards really saved it, and as for me, leathers really work for preventing road rash. They don’t work so well in lessening the impact with the ground and road lane indicators. My back really hurts – I am currently self medicating, vodka and ibuprofen :), and yes I did seriously consider a hospital visit, but why be rational now. :)