January 2007 - Bad Day

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Jan 2007

 I almost made it past the snow days without issues... then the car lost traction on a hill, 50+ yards later and one spin I almost missed him - but luck was not on my side. I hit another Audi TT - imagine the chances of that; the damages appeared to be minor, I started the car and rolled one block down the hill; magic ingredient (Smoke) escaped, the car dash lit up and the engine quit – I guess I was having a really bad day. Of course it did not end there - The backlog at the car repair shop is 3 weeks before they will even start the repairs. Did I mention that 7 years ago when Jolie and I always carpooled, and having two cars and two motorcycles I had plenty of options to fall back on - so I dropped the car rental replacement coverage in my insurance - So until the roads have no snow or ice… 75% of the fleet is grounded and Jolie and I have to learn how to share…

and Jolie made me add this part - I am ok, no injuries (other than pride) from the accident.