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Sunday, October 02, 2005,

this is my first casting box and it took way more to build than I ever expected. the I got the centrifugal casting system for Jolie (ok and my self) the spinning thing only weight 20 lbs.

Jolie made one simple request - "build a box around it to keep the molten metal contained in case of spill / splatter - oh yeah make sure it does not move / wobble"

well 80 Lbs of wood, 150 Lbs of concrete blocks, 20 lbs casting machine, and 10 Lbs steel braising bolted to the concrete is all it took to build it and get it to stop dansing across the garage.


  • 36" sides
  • 42" tall
  • 260 Lbs

One casting box

here you can see where 150lbs of concrete blocks are stored at the base of the table.


Of cource it needed a plase to store the casting supplies :)


Here you can see the centrifugal casting machine inside the box