Orlando Travel Log — October 24-31, 1998

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More Disney Institute photos

Disney Institute—we took classes in canoeing, animation, Disney architecture, rock climbing, cooking, photography, and video production.

More Downtown Disney photos

Downtown Disney—it's easier now to run yourself into complete exhaustion, thanks to the restaraunts, shops and entertainment here. And conveniently located near the Disney Institute. Kill a few hours in Disney Quest—a high-tech, interactive video arcade.

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Disney-MGM Studios—can you imagine the 13 story drop in the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror?

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Epcot—we enjoyed the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, October 24 through November 22, 1998

More Universal Studio photos

Universal Studio—don't miss Twister or T2 in 3-D.

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Universal Studio Horror Nights—quite a Halloween party.

More Psycho Ron photos

Ron's acting debut in Psycho at Universal Studio.

The continuing adventures of Ron and Val, with friends Luis, Jolie, Al, Sarah and Debbie...

In the decade or more since our last visit to Orlando, the small-small world Disney has grown larger and grown up. Now there's more entertainment for adults. For adults the Disney Institute is an undiscovered gem.

A week is not enough, there is always more to see and do. I guess we'll have return to see the new Disney Animal Kingdom,  and Universal Studios Amusement Park.

October was the perfect time to visit—lines were short and the weather was wonderful.